A Bromford Customer but signed your tenancy with Severn Vale Housing Society and want to move?

Bromford customers (who signed an agreement with Severn Vale Housing Society) can apply to move to another property through Gloucestershire Homeseeker Plus however to qualify for a transfer you will need to show that your circumstances have changed since you move in, meaning you need a different home. This could be because:

  • your home is now too big, meaning you are under occupied
  • your family has grown and your home is now over occupied
  • your current home is not suitable due to mobility issues, a disability or other medical issues
  • caring responsibilities - you need to move closer to someone you care for such as an elderly relative
  • employment - you've been offered a new job and need to move closer to work
  • you need to move closer to your children for access (where a relationship has ended).
  • closer for work or school, where the applicant is reliant on public transport and there is no direct service.
  • Your rent account needs to be clear.

A move will not be approved if you want to move to another property with the same number of bedrooms as your current home, a like-for-like move, and you do not have any of the above justifiable reasons for doing so. However if you have been refused a transfer on the above grounds, we will offer housing advice and encourage you to consider mutual exchange through Homeswapper.co.uk.