About rent & service charges

Your rent payment card

When you sign up for a property, you will be given a rent payment card.  Please keep this in a safe place, as you will need this to make payments on the phone or online.

Weekly rent, to be paid in advance

Your rent is due weekly, and you are expected to pay rent in advance, as set out in your tenancy agreement.

If a payment has not been received by the Sunday of the coming week, you will be considered to be in arrears.  This means you are in breach of your tenancy and will be contacted by us to discuss how you are planning to bring your rent account back into line with your tenancy agreement.

What to do if paying the rent is difficult

If your situation changes and paying your rent becomes difficult (for example, if you are no longer in work, or sickness is affecting your income), please get in touch with us straight away to discuss your situation before it's too difficult to manage.

Paying your rent should come first over other expenses that are optional.

Please remember, you risk losing your home if you fall behind with rent payments, and possession action will be taken if you do not pay your rent and service charges. .

Being evicted from a housing association property does not mean the council will automatically accept you as homeless.

All about service charges

If you live in one of our retirement schemes, or a property with communal areas (such as gardens, hallways and shared stairs) you will also pay a service charge. This covers things like cleaning, lighting and heating the area.

Every year, you will receive a letter which will outline your service charge, as part of your annual rent statement. The letter will explain what the service charges are for, and how much you have to pay. 


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