How do we make decisions?

Our overall direction is described in our Corporate Plan. This is also an important document for the regulator, the HCA, and our lenders, as it assures them the organisation knows what it’s doing and where we’re going next. The Corporate Plan has some key sections:

Vision – explaining where the organisation wants to get to.
Aims and objectives – describing how we will ensure we get there.
Values – describing the ground rules we follow in everything we do.

The corporate plan is revised every few years with consideration for our customers’ profiles and needs, the expectation of our partners and the influences and risks posed by the external environment we operate in. A financial plan is then developed which makes sure that we can afford to deliver the vision. The two documents go hand-in-hand and have to be agreed by the Board, and then sent to the HCA and the lenders. Those who inform or make key decisions:

The Board - made up of members who are carefully recruited for the skills and experience, the Board adopts the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance to ensure they are balanced, diverse, effective and compliant with legislation. The Board sets the overall direction of the organisation and is ultimately accountable for maintaining the sustainability of the business. For that reason, the Board is responsible for making all final strategic decisions

The Chief Executive (CE) and Executive Team - the CE has overall responsibility for delivering the vision set by the Board. The CE leads the Executive Team, consisting of the Directors and other senior staff members, who in turn ensure the vision is delivered in the area they are responsible. The Executive propose the Corporate Plan for approval by the Board, and are responsible to agree more detailed strategies and policies. They in turn make sure these strategies are put in place by the rest of the organisation.

Stakeholder Senate - is an independent group that provides a formal link between all stakeholders and SVHS. Its purpose is to champion the voice of those who receive, or are affected by SVHS services and ensure that this perspective is understood by the Board and factored into the decisions they make.

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