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Our complaints policy can be downloaded here:  Complaints Policy [pdf] 181KB


Complaints are welcomed as they provide a good indication of how our services are being delivered, however we have a new definition for a complaint.

A complaint may be where:

  • There has been a failure of our published service standards, and where action has not been taken within agreed timescales.
  • We have not acted in line with our policies and procedures to a customer request.
  • There has been poor conduct of staff or Bromford's agent or contractor.

A complaint is not:

  • Requesting a new service
  • An issue that is more than six months old
  • A previous closed complaint
  • Complaints that refer to statutory or legal obligations
  • If a complaint refers to a disrepair, defect legal claim or personal injury claim.

This policy does not apply to:

  • Appeals - where a customer does not agree with a decision made in accordance with our policies and procedures. Appeals will be dealt with in line with the policy it is concerned with.
  • Community trigger / external reviews - anti-social behaviour cases referred to and accepted for external review will not then be able to progress through our complaints policy once concluded.

If you wish to make a complaint, compliment or comment contact us by email or call 01684 272727.

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