Code of conduct for building work

Our aim is that whoever works in your home provides you with a quality service. To help this process we have a ‘Code of Conduct for Building Works’. This code sets out what is expected of our contractors as well as what we expect from our customers during all modernisation and alteration works.

We expect all contractors to:

  • agree a mutually convenient time/date for the work
  • honour appointments or inform you of any change as soon as possible
  • carry and show a standard Bromford identity card
  • explain what works are to be done and the expected duration
  • if they cannot contact you to make an appointment they will leave a card for you to contact them.
  • minimise disruption to your daily routines
  • not to remove or use your belongings
  • not to use your facilities (e.g. kitchen, W.C. etc.) without prior consent
  • acknowledge any accidental damage to your property and inform you immediately
  • leave your property weather-proof, secure and with services available
  • inform you when the works are complete
  • give you instructions on the operation of new installations
  • remove all rubbish and leave your home clean and tidy
  • show respect for you and your home


  • smoke or drink alcohol
  • make offensive comments or gestures
  • play audio equipment
  • make racist or sexual remarks
  • dress inappropriately
  • leave tools etc. within children’s reach
  • use bad language      
  • breach customer confidentiality

To help us to the deliver the work we expect our customer to:

  • honour appointments that have been made
  • not smoke in the rooms being worked in
  • not use offensive or bad language
  • keep children away from work areas
  • keep pets away from work areas and under control
  • ensure an adult is in the property at all times while work is in progress

Your cooperation with all of the above will ensure works are carried out efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.