Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have some questions about Severn Vale Housing becoming Bromford and how this change affects customers. To help answer these queries we have produced these FAQ’s which we hope you will find useful.

Will my rent stay the same?

Your rent and service charges will not change as a result of Severn Vale Housing merging to become Bromford. Any increases or decreases in rent and service charges would be in line with your tenancy agreement or lease. You should continue to pay your rent and service charges just as you do now.

Will I need to move home?

Certainly not.  You will not be asked to move home as a result of these plans.

Will I continue to have the same rights under my tenancy agreement?

You will have the same rights as you do now, including rights such as right to buy or right to acquire, and succession arrangements.

Will the way I report a repair change?

There will be no change to existing arrangements in the short term and you should continue to use your online account (via, LiveChat on the website or telephone 01684 272727 and choose from the options.  If we proposed making any changes to this we would let you know well in advance and seek the views of customers in doing so.

Any repairs would continue to be delivered by the same team of people who currently provide the service, we have no current plans to change this.

I live in a retirement scheme, will I see any changes?

There are no current plans to make any changes to the way we deliver services to our retirement schemes.

Will the staff I see now change?

You will continue to see the same people, whether that’s housing officer, scheme manager or one of our property services team carrying out repairs, grounds maintenance or caretaking services.  In time, we expect to introduce Neighbourhood Coaching as a way of working. This approach requires more, not fewer, housing staff because they will cover smaller patches in order to have a more personal, face-to-face relationship with all our customers. We will keep you informed as this new approach is introduced.

Why do housing associations continue to get bigger? How will you keep a local focus?

The reason for getting larger is so that we can achieve more together in Gloucestershire – offer better services, invest more in existing homes and build more new homes.

We fundamentally believe in providing a local service to our residents. We know from talking to you just how important local knowledge and a local connection with the communities we serve are. We will ensure that a local focus on Gloucestershire is not lost and that levels of service remain high.