What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour by residents, members of their household or their visitors that is capable of causing annoyance, nuisance or disturbance to anyone in the community or at any Bromford property, including offices. You are responsible for everyone in, and visiting your home (including children) - if they behave badly, your tenancy may be at risk.

Examples of ASB
  • violence (threats of or actual)
  • verbal abuse (direct threats, being aggressive)
  • hate crime (homophobia / racism etc.)
  • harassment
  • alcohol abuse
  • criminal damage
  • keeping or looking after an illegal or dangerous dog
  • statutory noise nuisance (as evidenced by the service of a noise abatement notice).

The action we can take depends on the type of ASB that has caused the complaint and includes:

  • visiting the perpetrator and liaising with both parties to try and resolve the issue
  • involving other agencies such as the Police, Environmental Health and Social Services
  • arranging independent mediation
  • negotiating acceptable behaviour contracts
  • taking legal action to obtain an injunction, demotion order, ASB order or a possession order.
What we will not investigate

The term anti-social behaviour includes a wide variety of behaviour. However, not everything that is reported to us is nuisance or anti-social behaviour. For example (this list is not exhaustive):

  • actions which amount to no more than customers going about their normal everyday activities, for example children playing / people mowing their lawns / vacuuming / the sound of walking across a wooden floor
  • complaints which are not a breach of the terms of tenancy, for example, complaints of people staring / children falling out with each other / cooking smells
  • actions which amount to people not being pleasant to each other but are not sufficiently serious to justify our involvement (e.g. comments made on social media)
  • complaints about people being inconsiderate or thoughtless where there is no breach of tenancy
  • complaints about other people having lifestyles that offend others , for example issues about differences in parenting, who people socialise with, how people dress, what they do in their own homes unless the behaviour is a breach of tenancy. 

All the above are considered to be everyday living noises or lifestyle differences rather than nuisance or ASB and will not therefore be investigated by us. We are committed to developing and maintaining sustainable communities. We expect a reasonable level of tolerance between neighbours and will seek to make a fair evaluation on whether complaints made are reasonable.