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Our Corporate Plan 2015-18

Our vision for 2015-18

We have developed a new vision for the organisation and a new set of values for all our staff. These are the starting points for our journey of change and improvement over the next few years.

We have a vision of where we would like to be by March 2018. We would like:

“To be recognised by our Stakeholders as the leading housing provider in Gloucestershire by providing caring, community focused services, enabling our customers to live healthy and independent lives.”


Our strategic aims

There are four clear and powerful strategic aims that describe what we will do over the next three years in order to achieve our vision.

• Efficiency - To meet the diverse needs of our customers by making their homes and our services more efficient.
• Community - To create vibrant and connected communities where people feel safe, well and proud to live.
• Growth - To maximise existing income sources and generate new income to complement and support the delivery and expansion of homes and services
• Adaptability - To be recognised by our stakeholders as having a business culture based on continuous improvement, teamwork, flexibility and the ability to respond to the challenges


Our shared values
At Severn Vale Housing we recognise that we need a set of shared values. We aim always to be:

• Caring
• Creative
• Professional
• Purposeful
• Trustworthy

There is a short guide to our Corporate Plan attached below as well as the full version, and if you would like more information, please do contact our Communications team on or 01684 272748.

Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1965.
Register Number: 28557R.

Registered Office: Severn Vale Housing Society Limited, Shannon Way,
Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8ND.
Housing Corporation Registration No.: 4171.

  • New Futures
  • Positive about disabled people
  • Safe
  • Customer Approved
  • Respect Standard for Housing Managment
  • Positive about disabled people
  • National Housing Federation