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Vision, mission and values

Our new vision
Severn Vale Housing wants to provide high quality cost effective homes and services to customers and to achieve this we are:

Committed to identifying costs to show how we are delivering value for money for our stakeholders and our residents. We believe this is an important part of our drive to find efficiencies enabling us to help more people and provide a better service to our customers.

Committed to achieving the best price in procurement of goods and services by acting in a commercial manner but mindful of the important role we have as a social housing business by ensuring local people and business have the opportunity to provide them.

Committed to working towards improving the quality of life for all our residents with special regard to the alleviation of fuel poverty and particularly the social and increasing financial exclusion that now exists in our communities by 2017

Our real mission
Our vision talks about creating efficiencies to help more people; everything we do is aimed at achieving outcomes that will eventually impact on the people to whom we provide homes and services. Our mission supports this 'make a difference to people's lives'. 

Our values
To achieve this Severn Vale Housing has four key values:

Respect - for our customers, staff and stakeholders.

Value - understanding the value of what we do.

Partnership - utilising business opportunities to enhance services or make efficencies.

Excellence - in the outcomes we want to achieve.

Corporate plan
Download the current 2013/17 corporate plan below.

Registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1965.
Register Number: 28557R.

Registered Office: Severn Vale Housing Society Limited, Shannon Way,
Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8ND.
Housing Corporation Registration No.: 4171.

  • New Futures
  • Positive about disabled people
  • Safe
  • Customer Approved
  • Respect Standard for Housing Managment
  • Positive about disabled people
  • National Housing Federation