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Equality and Diversity

Quote Ensuring equality and embracing diversity in everything we do. Quote

Our commitment
Severn Vale Housing is committed to ensure equality for all. Our aim is to 'make a difference to people's lives' and this can only be achieved by ensuring equality and embracing diversity in everything we do.

Our strategy
Severn Vale Housing is committed to providing fair and excellent services to all its customers. Our Equality and Diversity Strategy details the framework for the delivery of our work and the means by which we will improve customers’ access to our services in ways that best suits them. Download our Equality and Diversity Strategy

Single Equality Scheme
Our single equality scheme sets out our general approach and the specific actions we undertake to deliver equality and diversity throughout Severn Vale Housing. The scheme summarises our commitment to diversity and equality, and how this influences the way we work. It outlines what we do to understand the diverse needs of people and to make sure our services are fairly delivered to meet them. It records how we collect and use relevant data about our

Customers and staff to guide our actions and plans. It also defines our use of impact assessments to inform our policies and procedures.
The action plan details our intentions and priorities, and how and when we will deliver on these. Download our Single Equality Scheme

Equality impact assessments
An impact assessment is the tool to help us identify the actual or potential impact of our activities, both existing and new, on our customers and staff. It helps us to provide and deliver excellent services to our customers and colleagues by making sure they reflect the need of the individual and the community.

By carrying out impact assessments, we can ensure that the services we provide fulfil anti-discrimination and equalities legislation.

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